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Basic Calculation
With Tenancy Agreemen


*The computer will mortgage and first suite at floating rate according to the premium, and will calculate the premium price. In fact, the qualified applicant may be granted mortgage premium discount.

Remarks: When applying for mortgage, other mortgages that have not been fully supplied or other mortgage properties that have been taken as guarantors will be regarded as the second mortgage, which will be calculated on the basis of more than 50% of the mortgage.
Advance CalculationAdvance Calculation
Second MortgageSecond Mortgage
Monthly Repayment
Down Payment
Total Loan Amount
Total Interes
Mortgage insurance premium (additional loan)
Total Loan Amount including Interest
Stress Test ResultStress Test Result
Stress test is based on 1st mortgage only (exclude 2nd mortgage and mortgage insurance) and assume the borrower has no other liabilities

a. Mortgage calculator is only applicable to residential property under 1st mortgage and that main income source from Hong Kong.The above information is for reference only and subject to the approval of bank/financial institution and/or latest announcement of HKMA and/or IRD.

b. If the segmented annual plan is selected, only the first monthly contributions are shown in the circle.

c. For easy reference, interest rate is assumed unchanged in calculating the tTotal interest expense for the whole period.

For more accurate calculation and further details, please contact our professional mortgage Consultant.
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